Sunday, October 12, 2008

Has the Blogging Bubble Burst?

Does it seem to you that bloggers are posting less frequently? I, myself, had been sporadic for a while there between kids on break from school and houseguests. Since then, I noticed a marked decrease in my traffic, mainly in my comments. And this weekend, no visitors at all which is odd since the weekends are when most people are on-line reading blogs. So where has everyone gone? Have I come too late to the party?

I’m not the only one who has noticed. Marty (AKA Canape) and I were emailing about this very subject the other day. She quoted her friend Susan by saying “For whatever reason, people just aren’t blogging and reading blogs the way they used to…Marty has had to stop blogging for a while for personal reasons so the delicate circle of blogger>reader>commenter>comment reader>blogger is broken. Elena too is without Internet access so not only is she not blogging, but she’s not visiting blogs either. I’m accounting much of my decrease in stats to this. But how does that account for the drop in other people blogging?

Could it be that the beautiful fall weather has people outside playing rather than reading about others playing outside? Are people just busy with soccer, school carnivals and other kid-related activities? Or are people occupied with withdrawing their life savings from fragile banks and stuffing their mattresses with it? Maybe, just maybe (gasp) blogging has become passé?

On Thursday, Karen presented a possible explanation. She claims her lapse in posting is not due to starting her new job but rather several reasons, one of them being the great time-suck that is Facebook. Seems you can get lost for hours on that site, looking up old friends and acquaintances. So, in order to understand where everyone went (just in the name of science, mind you), I went ahead and logged in. By this afternoon, I have located two nieces, one sister-in-law, a childhood pen pal from England, a high school friend, several former co-workers and my college roommate – just to name a few. I have also found several other people that I was just a little two shy to “friend in” such as the guy who dumped me the night of the prom. {And in case you were wondering, yes, I looked up What If Marty. But in three pages of individuals with the same name, I couldn’t find him for sure. Even if I did, I doubt I would have sent him a message.}

The point is, I see what Karen is saying and I think this is a plausible explanation of where the bloggers have gone – they are vacationing over in Facebook. Because even though I was confident that I could handle it and wouldn’t obsess, I keep logging back on because I think of one more person to look up. And then I check to see who answered my requests. And then I have to think of witty things to write on my niece’s wall so I don’t look like the weird stalker aunt who’s old and un-cool. And, my God, the worrying about the profile picture! Since I don’t have one, I asked my artist niece to draw me an avatar. She hasn’t answered my request to be a “friend” yet so, I’ll let you know how that works out. In the meantime, I think I’ll go read some blogs and leave thoughtful comments on every one – right after I check my Facebook.


Karen said...

Ahhh, Facebook claims another victim! Look me up, we can be friends over there too. Karen at wente family dot com!
And just for the record, my stats are highest mid week, and lowest on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the beautiful fall weather -- and election news, which is almost compelling these days. Maybe BlogHer Boston and DC will kick things back into high gear?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fall seems to be a slow bloggy time, though. Last hurrah before the snow flies? My theory. I don't understand the appeal of Facebook, but that must just be me!

@sweetbabboo said...

I don't think it's Facebook, but maybe that b/c I'm just not really into it. I personally think it is one of two (or perhaps a combo) things...
1. The Election- Many bloggers I read are busy on political sites and neglecting their personal blogs as well as everyone tiptoeing around the topic
2. Twitter- With microblogging, who needs to write a giant post? You can quickly and way more easily connect, comment, and blog all without having to compose more than 120 characters.
For me, weekends are when my stats are WAY low. Because of that, I've just stopped posting on the weekends and give myself a little break. My busiest days are M, T, and W.

You should try Twitter. It's fun.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I think I've run out of intelligent things to say anyway. In fact, I know I have.

Susie said...

As if Canape could ever run out of intelligent things to say!

And I agree that politics is taking center stage right now - something that which no matter what your affiliation, effects us all greatly.

And OMG, if I can't handle the siren that is Facebook, don't even get me twittering.

Madame Queen said...

I have thus far resisted the time suck that is Facebook. Partly because a young co-worker told me she thinks people over thirty shouldn't be on Facebook and now I'm too embarrassed to set up an account. I haven't been blogging as much recently because I tend to go in cycles. After a while I start to get burned out and I have to give myself a break. Maybe it's sort of like menstrual cycles and we're all in the same non-blogging cycle now! :)