Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Sloth and Circumstance

January is proving to be a long month, without much to show for it. For most of last week and the week before, I took a mental vacation. I quite literally checked out – ignoring housework, To Do lists and social opportunities. I left the house very little, choosing instead to wrap the winter blues around me like a warm, comforting blanket.

Of course, I felt guilty for this. I was sheepish and apologetic to my husband who kept trying to reassure me that my “checking out” was understandable. But I felt bad for giving in to melancholy, for wallowing instead of fighting, for dropping the charade that is being fine and functioning.

So this week, I am back to the land of the interactive. I am catching up on laundry and sorting through piles of papers on my desk and countertops. I am reading and answering my emails and learning all of what I have missed in the blogosphere. I am renewing my resolve to get organized and feel accomplished. I’ll start with paying bills and writing something longer than a Facebook status. I’ve put out an Amber Alert on my motivation. And I will catch up with each of you. I hope you have doing well and next time I take a mental holiday, hopefully it will be with you and somewhere other than my messy living room.

Welcome home.


nikki said...

I'm sorry you've been blue - I spent much of January feeling rather similar. I'm glad you're posting again and hope your mood soon matches your resolve!

Breaks are important, sometimes.

Lesha said...

Breaks are definitely important. Take care of yourself, that's important. You can always catch up on laundry.

Good to see you back though! And just think, spring is just around the corner. I remember seeing buds on trees in early March my first year in NC and that kept me going through Jan for every winter after.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Been wondering about you. Glad to know it was just a break. That's not a bad idea, really. I might could check out for a bit too . . .

Madame Queen said...

January is the worst month, isn't it? Ours here has been so foggy and rainy and damp and GRAY. I think we could all use a mental vacation!