Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Four of Thirty Days of Truth - Something I Have to Forgive Someone Else For

I have been thinking of this one all day. I have to say, I have not come up with one thing that I need to forgive. Of all the times that I have been hurt, I have understood the rationale or the circumstance. Of all the times I have been angry, usually the anger has been my problem. It's not to say that I forgive and forget. No, I may never forget (getting dumped the night of the prom?) because forgiveness and not being bitter or wary are two different things. For instance, I confronted a friend in a lie one time. Once my anger wore off, I had forgiven her but I have not been so trusting of her since. Two different things.

And then there are the times that someone I love has been hurt. I can't seem to forgive some of these wrongs but at the same time, they are not my wrongs to forgive.

Finally, some transgressions are just so terrible, they are undeserving of forgiveness and should never be forgiven.

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canape said...

If you are letting go of things, then you are better off I think. I wish I could.