Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking Back The Girl, Revisited

Ordinarily, being trapped at a Starbucks with only my laptop in tow would be a dream come true. I’m living my own fantasy right at this moment. But in true Susie fashion, not even this is enough. I am antsy – worried about all those other things I should be accomplishing. I brought work with me but I am missing the papers I actually need. There is no free Wi-Fi (Starbuck’s, WTF?) so I can’t do the research I thought I might do and I don’t actually have enough time to drive home and regroup.

Added to my over-caffeinated nervousness, is the fact that I left one very despondent toddler at preschool. He’s been having really hard goodbyes lately, so much so that my husband can’t bear to be the one to drop him off. So at the last minute, I stuffed my laptop in a bag, my hair in a ponytail holder and Logan in his car seat and here I am - sitting here, oozing with mommy guilt and coffee fumes.

I know not to take the crying child too personally. He’s having separation anxiety, a phase that will probably pass and even if doesn’t, can’t really be helped. Scooping him up and bringing him home would only have made the situation worse next time. He has hopefully pulled himself together shortly after I have left. As a seasoned professional, I know this. As a parent in desperate need for a moment alone, I can’t help but feel awful. Leaving him feels selfish and indulgent.

What’s a mommy blogger to do? Well blog, of course! Which brings me to my next thought. Did you know that last week was my blogiversary? Me neither. Looking over the last year of posts, there are so many thoughts that I would have liked to share, or started to share and not finished. Some posts I have started but was not able to give them the time I needed to make them complete and convey what I wanted. Some deal with difficult subjects and some just seemed like old news because some other fabulous blogger scooped me. So I had been pondering my anniversary post but went and folded some laundry instead. It seems that blogging has gone the same way as getting my hair cut and my closet organized – pushed to the list of Things I’d Really Like/Need To Do But Can’t Because I Don’t Have Time. I suppose the more appropriate term would be “Don’t Make Time” because time for myself is never a priority. This is not good, I know. Really, I’m working on it. Remember this post? Well who will join me in recommitting to making a little time for ourselves as people? Going to the grocery store does not count. Nor does picking up dry cleaning or taking the dog to the vet.

What are you going to do for yourself today or this week? Tell us in the comments or post on your blog. Let us know how you will Take Back the Girl. And me? I think I’ll take a breath, relax and enjoy my childfree Starbucks moment (even without the Wi-Fi).


Lesha said...

Last night my dad announced he was running to the gas station to fill up his car. He put on his coat and grabbed his keys and my little guy said to him, "go?". So I got him into his coat and asked my dad if he wanted me to go along too. He figured he could handle that on his own. So there I was at home with no child. I thought about throwing a mini party. I didn't know what to do with myself! Of course I didn't get a chance to decide. G started crying by the time the got two minutes down the road and grandpa doesn't do tough love.

Convertible Girl said...

For my birthday, I took my son to preschool and my daughter to a neighbors. Then I went to Panera, got a chai latte, and read a book. It was the most outrageous, luxurious thing I had done in many, many months.
BTW - just read the original post. Please recommend where to go for a good bra fitter. Always thought I should do that, but never have. Not much to work with.

Karen said...

Does taking a nap this morning after dropping off the kids at school instead of doing laundry count?
Seriously I am with you on this one, I made the same type of declaration last year and didn't really follow through either. I have been getting better lately though about getting together with my friends, even just for lunch. Baby steps...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You GO, GF! I bet your little dude was JUST FINE. I'm going to finish reading a book, run 3 miles, and blog.
Happy Blogoversary:)

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I've missed your writing. So selfishly, I hope that you do find time for yourself again.

Me? I would like to have pedicured feet this summer. That's about it. Nothing too fancy :)

@sweetbabboo said...

I am so with Marty on this one... even if it means I've gotta paint my own. Oh, and I need a haircut so maybe I should try to do that in the next month or so.

I think we all do need to take time for ourselves. Of course, time is what I'm always short on.

Love this post and missed your writing.