Monday, March 17, 2008

How To Lose Eight Pounds in 24 Hours

Don't come over - I've been sick. Stomach bugs are the worst but you can at least usually count on getting over them quickly. Not this time, my friend. Several days and eight pounds later, I am still feeling the after-effects.

There have been several posts that have to come to mind this past week and have left before being able to enter them. It seems that when I have a moment, my computer is being used by my husband. This was especially true this weekend. At one point, I asked him if he were ever coming out from behind it. Very frustrating indeed.

Even as I write this, this entry keeps changing tone and content. Here is the ugly truth. I am having a really hard afternoon. It has taken me 40 minutes to write this much. My kids are needy and demanding. I am short-tempered and fragile. We are not a good mix at the moment. It's a symptom of a much broader problem - a combination of illness, hormones, lack of sleep and NO. TIME. TO. MYSELF. But every thing is just fine, as long as I don't ever try to do anything at all. So I'm gong to end here, despite all that I'd like to write because GOD FORBID I try to do anything for myself!

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1blueshi1 said...

oh, I KNOW that feeling. I have been known to scream NO at my kids if they ask me something while I'm at the computer. it's so frustrating to have every train of thought fractured and be responsible for meeting every need of every child every day. please believe we ALL have these days--I just wrote an entry titled Torture by Ten Year Old about a similar day for me. in the comments one blogger really empathized with my feelings and it totally shocked me, she always seems so perky and on top of everything on her blog. so it happens to every mom you know regardless of how good they appear to be coping!