Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Alone, Sorta

I have been working on another post but haven't been able to sit with the words to get them in order enough to share. So here is the abstract version: We saw a terrible car accident and it made me feel like crap. More about that at a later time.
In the here and now, my husband and oldest son are away this weekend on a Cub Scout outing. They are camping on an aircraft carrier with 498 of their closest friends. It was a six hour drive, through some nasty weather and they are bunking in some pretty tight quarters with alot of rambunctious boys. And since alcohol is not allowed on board, I was pretty certain that my husband would be having a fairly awful weekend. I on the other hand, was looking forward to it. Sure, I'm left at home with our two youngest sons without any backup. But typically when my husband travels (which is quite untypical), I make the most of it by renting a video for the kids and then one for myself after they go to bed. I thought I'd use the time to bond with the Gilmore Girls. The benefits of being left home are that I have less cleaning to worry about, dinner is mac and cheese, and I get to watch whatever I want on late-night TV. Then at some point yesterday as I was cleaning up, it hit me. Damn, I'd have to make my own coffee.
Now it is Saturday night. The husband called and is pleasantly surprised with the cub scout trip. At home, our weekend is going well too, despite having to drink my own coffee and having to get out bed to do it. The toddler spilled said coffee, but that is fine since Starbucks is on our way to wherever we are going. Both boys napped so I had 45 minutes to drink tea and watch Lipstick Jungle on And now the house is cleaner than usual (about 1/3 cleaner than usual) and the macaroni is bubbling for dinner. After dinner, my five-year-old will watch the movie he checked out of the library and we will cozily settle down for the night. Tomorrow, we will wake with one time change hour already consumed. And I will have to make my own coffee. My husband so owes me...

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1blueshi1 said...

my husband is leaving very early Monday morning (like around 5) for a three week job training out of town. it's far enough away that he doesn't plan to commute during the week but just come home on weekends.
me, I was kinda hoping to have the whole 3 weeks "by myself"--that is, with kids but sans hus--he seems to think that he is not very demanding whereas I generally find him QUITE stressful when I am home on the weekends--]
anyway glad you & he both had a good time!