Thursday, March 20, 2008

If I'm Not Home, Please Leave A Note

I'm starting to feel better finally. Monday afternoon was hard - my kids were hard. After my post, we all calmed down and were able to make dinner together. The whining and screeching stopped and the sun came out again. How do you other bloggers do it? How do you post, sometimes daily, with small children in the house? I don't understand. Do you stay up all night? Do your kids nap or something? How do you find the time? I'd love to know. I was reading a blog this morning written by a woman on her way to the hospital to give birth! How? Anyways, if you have suggestions or would just like to let me know that you have stopped by, I'd love to hear from you. I think perhaps if someone left me a comment, I'd find that really encouraging. Thanks for letting me know you were here.

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1blueshi1 said...

I have to admit that I occasionally...okay, pretty much daily! check my blog for comments when I'm at home. Wake up early? let's blog! Stay up late? let's blog! waiting in interminable lines at McDonald's with 2 children who just want to get into the playplace? I'd rather be blogging!
comments certainly lift the spirits. but keep on keeping on, regardless. I've blogging for a couple of years now and one of my favorite perks is being able to go back to my entries a year or 2 years ago and see what was going on in my life at that reminds me that whatever's happening, I will get through it.