Thursday, July 24, 2008

Theme Thursday - Summer (Birthday) Fun

I am taking a slight digression from Land of KA's Theme Thursday because today is a special day - Logan's second birthday.

We have a few traditions in our family and one that started with Dean is to look over the baby book together as a family. Each child's baby book chronicles pregnancy, birth and a few milestones. Dean's is very detailed with a calendar depicting each stage of his pregnancy from peeing on a stick to when my water broke. There are ultrasound pictures, cards from friends, a list of baby shower gifts, pictures of me smiling in my hospital room before my labor went to hell. All the tiny baby hospital keepsakes are there as well, including the hat he was already wearing when I held him for the first time. And then, pf course, there are pictures of our new baby and newly formed family.

Jess has a baby book too. His is considerably smaller than Dean's. The ultrasound pictures are there, minus of pregnancy diary. The newborn keepsakes are there, minus the ones that accidentally got thrown away. And there are plenty of pictures of our new tiny love so I let go of the guilt a long time ago that it would never have the same detail of Dean's.

Since Logan is the third baby, there is no baby book (yet). There are stowed away items to be put in a book - someday. And there are hundreds of pictures still safely in the depths of the computer. You saw one of those last week. But there is no baby book to look over as I tell him the story of the day he was born. But all is not lost - a mommy blogger I am, after all. Note: I can't take photo credit for all of these.

Modern technology gave us very clear ultrasounds.

This was Logan's infant persona - calm, serene and full of milk.

Preparing to leave the hospital is exhausting work.

This is still his favorite book.

First giggle, caught on film.

My mom made this hat for Dean and now Logan gets to wear it. Merry First Christmas.

Look who can sit up unsupported and properly pose for pictures!

This is how Logan spent his first birthday party.

Once walking, keeping up with Dad and brothers became more easy. Now we have to keep up with him.

Happy Birthday Baby!


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Happy birthday, little man.

He is SO cute.

Christina said...

Happy birthday little man!!! How amazing to see how he's grown!

Stacy said...

Awww...happy birthday!! That sounds like a wonderful tradition. Even though you haven't started on his book yet you have plenty of memories detailed down. The benefits of blogging!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Their skin glows at that age, doesn't it? Lovely glowing boy.

1blueshi1 said...

those are ABsolutely ADorable! almost enough to make me want another one, too....hehehe. while we were at the neighborhood carnival a couple of weeks ago, one of Zac's friends asked me if I was going to have any more babies. YES! I announced. WHEN THE ANGEL GABRIEL APPEARS TO ME IN A SHAFT OF LIGHT AND SAYS, WOMAN, UNTO YOU A CHILD IS BORN!
THAT is when I will have another baby.